Saturday, January 25, 2014

my budgeting money pockets

Last year we were living off my teaching income so we had to get pretty budget savvy very quickly! After sitting down with my husband and deciding on a budget, I made these cute little budget envelopes that fit nicely into my wallet.

I went through my scrapbooking stash (which hasn't been used in a good 3 years oops) and picked out some nice paper then made some little labels in publisher. Next, I cut the paper to size (mine were 15.5cm x 16cm) and folded the paper in half so that the height was now about 7.5cm. I stuck the label on the front and ran my envelopes through my laminator. I then cut directly across the top (taking off a couple of mm of paper from the top) so that I could slip my money into the pockets. Make sure you leave a few mm of laminate around the other edges though or your money will slide out the sides.

I must say, hubby was a bit sceptical but the envelopes really worked! After paying the rent and bills, I would take out $100 for groceries, $50 for treats and $50 for school resources. Once that money was gone, I wasn't allowed to take any more out until he following week. This meant there were absolutely no impulse purchases with my card and I always knew how much I was spending! Any gold coins when straight into my coin pocket which usually went towards treats like soft drink from the vending machine at work or lunch when I was out and about. If I had any money leftover at the end of the week, I would take out less the following week which meant more saving - yay! I would definitely urge anybody on a budget to try something similar, it really made a huge difference to our spending!

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