Sunday, November 16, 2014

Huggies Little Swimmers VS Aldi Mamia Swimming Nappies

Lilly and I love to go swimming! We go to the local pool every week, either for Aqua Rhyme Time where we sing nursery rhymes and splash about, or just for a little swim. We also have a blow up pool in the backyard which we use a lot now that the weather is getting much warmer. However, swimming nappies can be expensive! I am a bit of a huggies snob but at $14.99 for 12 nappies, I thought I would give another brand a go. Enter the $6.99 Mamia nappies from Aldi.

Both nappies suit babies that weigh at least 7kg but I have found the Little Swimmers by Huggies fit smaller babies much better. There are no smaller nappies on the market (that I know of) but I have been using the Little Swimmers since Lilly was a tiny 3kg. They can be tightened with the little tabs whereas the Mamia nappies cannot be adjusted. If you have a little bubba like me, the Little Swimmers are the way to go size wise! Lilly is now weighing 6kg and fit both styles quite comfortably now, but I still prefer the Little Swimmers by Huggies.

Aesthetically, I would go with the Huggies Little Swimmers every time. Look at Nemo on the front there! So cute! It is also really easy to tell the back from the front with the huggies version. I have been using the Aldi Mamia ones for a few weeks now and only just discovered some very faint 'back back back' text on the back of the nappy. So I'm fairly certain I've been using them back to front for weeks.

Lilly has yet to do a Number 2 in either nappy so it's hard to tell which is the most absorbent on that front. I do know that neither are designed to hold wee inside. A mumma from my pregnancy group found this out the hard way when she ran out of normal nappies and used a swimmer until she got home. Baby wee went everywhere!! I noticed yesterday that the Aldi Mamia's seemed to fill with water. I know on the pack it says that they don't swell (which is true) but when I lifted Lilly out of the pool, lots of water slowly trickled from in the nappy. This could be a good thing too though because it sort of shows how the nappy keeps everything inside?

The Aldi Mamia's also have these 'easy tear' sides that you rip to take the nappy off....maybe I'm not skilled enough but I can't get mine to tear very easily....then we struggle to pull them down over Lilly's almost-chunky thighs. I love that the Huggies Little Swimmers are like a normal nappy where you just undo the sides.

I have been using the Aldi Mamias in our blow up pool and use the Huggies Little Swimmers when we go out. Maybe I feel less judged? I don't know, but I do prefer the Huggies hands down. If money is a big thing though, I would use the Aldi Mamai's to save some coin. We are heading to Stradbroke Island for a week before Christmas and I plan on stocking up on the Aldi Mamia's to keep us going because we'll be living on the beach. I have also heard of some mummas washing their Huggies Little Swimmers to get more use out of them...but I wouldn't really recommend that!


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