Tuesday, January 21, 2014

our baby book arrived + our pregnancy announcement

Yesterday our beautiful baby book arrived from Ruby Love on etsy! I've had this baby book added to my favourites for a really long time (like, longer than my husband and I have been married for) so I finally ordered it a week and a bit ago!! The shipping to Australia is expensive but totally worth it - I was so excited to find it sitting on my door step yesterday - super quick shipping that's for sure. 


I ordered the extra pregnancy pages and started filling them in today which made me reminise my pregnancy so far. I have wanted to start a family ever since I finished high school so this baby has been waiting for us for a very long time. My husband and I agreed we would wait until we had been married for a year and we would then start trying. We really didn't expect to fall pregnant just two cycles after stopping the pill! During my October cycle, I felt very different towards the end of the month. I was sure I was pregnant but my first test was clearly negative, even though I was SURE there was a very very faint second line. Hubby laughed and asked me to please refrain from wasting so much money on pregnancy tests...oops I didn't listen to him lol
The 31st of October was Halloween!! I ended up cracking and telling my youngest sister that I was pretty positive that we were finally pregnant (and it sounds silly to say finally after only 2 months of trying but it felt like forever lol). Within a few days, my tests got darker and darker so we decided to tell our family. Soon after, we got our positive blood test and we announced to my extended family! Check out the very cute video below - I still get teary whenever I watch it!!

Below is our facebook announcement and a cute little photo that I'm going to take again at about 8 months pregnant and once we bring our bub home!

 I can't believe we are almost in our 5th month of pregnancy!! It has absolutely flown by and hasn't been what I was expecting at all. I have been so lucky and haven't had any morning sickness but have been the most tired I have ever been in my whole entire life haha. I thought I would be shoveling down the food by now but I'm still finding it hard to eat anything substantial. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and my baby bump is seriously lacking haha - I'm sure it will all happen very soon though! When did you start to show with your first baby?

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