Monday, July 7, 2014

Lilly's first week at home

Our first week at home has been an absolute dream! Lilly has been sleeping really well and has even given us a few nights of 5 hour blocks which I'm told is counted as 'sleeping through' so hubby and I are feeling quite well rested. We were a bit worried that she would hate bath time - she absolutely loved it in hospital so we were kind of expecting her to absolutely hate it once we got home...nope, she still loves it! It's actually my favourite part of the day and hubby and I share the bath time jobs. He usually fills the tub and holds her then we take turns washing her and drying wouldn't think something so simple could be so fun haha!

We also had our very first outing! First we drove over to my Mums house and then we followed her, my siblings, aunty, cousins and grandparents up to Maleny for morning tea! This was the first time my aunty and cousins met Lilly and also my Grandad's first cuddle. I love that we have all of these special moments caught on camera!


Overall, our first week at home was fantastic. I still can't believe what a good baby Lilly is - we can only hope she stays this content and happy! Though I think everyone is pretty excited to see her when her eyes are open when they visit!

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