Monday, August 18, 2014

What's in my nappy bag

I have an amazing collection of nappy bags because I may just have a slight addiction to pretty things. I have normal bags that double as nappy bags, camera bags with room for nappies and bags designed specifically for carrying all your baby things. A few weeks ago I was trawling the isles of Babies R Us and found this beautiful JJ Totes nappy bag and I!

It is the perfect size for all of my mummy essentials and I can even fit my camera inside safely which is always a bonus. It also comes with these neat little straps that attach the bag to the back of my pram. This is awesome because the little basket under my pram is too small to fit any of my bags in it.

My nappy bag is full of the following essentials:
  • My handbag essentials - wallet, phone and car keys
  • Health kit (panadol, hand santiser, thermometre, scissors, nose doodad, lip balm)
  • Spare wrap
  • Wet bag with change of clothes
  • Spit rag
  • Pump and bottle with teat. I also have my nipple shields packed in this bag (not pictured)
  • Diary, pen, deoderant, tissues
  • Nappy wallet with 4 nappies, wipes, nappy bags and change mat
  • My 7D camera with 17-50mm lens attached
  • Dummy (which is usually sitting in the capsule with her)
  • Bottle of water for cleaning my pump and/or drinking
  • Lilly's little red health book just in case we need to go to the doctors unexpectedly

What do you have in your nappy bag?


  1. Hi Casey! I have nappy bag envy, everything in yours is so pretty. I just did a similar blog, will have to go onto etsy and find some pretty nappy wallets I think :)

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