Sunday, November 2, 2014

Starting solids...but not quite

Lilly is approaching the 6 month mark very quickly, too quickly in fact! She is now 5 months old and solids have been on my brain for the past week or so. Under the current guidelines, we would be looking at starting solids in the next month or so...but Lilly is only 3.5 months corrected.

I have been googling like a mad woman and there are so many conflicting ideas - wait until she is 6 months real age...wait until she is 6 months corrected age...wait until she starts grabbing your food. It's all very confusing, especially with no guidance from the hospital we birthed at.

I know she still has the whole virgin gut thing going on and I don't want to ruin that. We are also just starting to kick breastfeeding butt so I don't want to ruin that either...but am I the only mum that thinks starting solids is the most exciting thing ever?

Hubby desperately wants to wait until Lilly is 6 months corrected around Christmas time but that hasn't stopped me from buying all of the food related things I can find!

This week alone, I trawled the baby food isle reading ingredients and deciding that we will puree' our own food to begin with and move into baby led weaning. I also hit Aldi and got some cool eating utensils to put in Lilly's Christmas gift hamper. Today I even added some baby teething rusks to my shopping cart.  By the time we are ready to start, we won't need to buy any supplies haha

You would think all this shopping would satisfy my need to give Lilly solids...but it hasn't. I decided to chop up some of my frozen milk stash and pop some cubes into Lilly's little mesh feeding toy thing-a-ma-jig that we got at the baby shower. And just like that, my desire to start solids has been met. Kinda.

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