Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sensory Sunday - Edible Painting

This might just be the best idea ever invented - edible paint! I have seen lots of recipes around the place lately with the most popular being yoghurt and food colouring. My little one has a milk allergy though so yoghurt is out of the question. We use the next best thing - baby rice cereal!

First you mix it up with lots of water until you get a nice consistency then you add the food colouring. I probably added a little bit too much but I love how bright the colours were!

I put a splash mat down outside on our patio and let Lilly go to town - she absolutely loved it and so did I! It was really fun watching her mix the colours together with her hands and she had a little taste as well. I would definitely recommend this activity to everyone! So simple, cheap and not much mess either if you pop a mat down - you can just hose it off and put bub in the bath afterwards!


  1. Did you use artifical coloring, and, if so, did it cleanup well off her?

    I wonder if it would work well with natural colorants...